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What's your online presence?

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Dates: 09/04 - 05/05

Total Duration: 48h

Sundays, 08:00am - 12:00pm

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Blackfoot Productions ​

Mike came to me to "freshen up" his old design with a more modern look. He wanted to be able to display his own pieces of mulitmedia. Normally when I am provided with content from clients its not " moving" this was a new challenge to make sure a pieces were cohesive and not "too much" movement all while staying in Blackfoot's branding.

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Lush Salon & Spa
Lush wanted me to build a bases design that was  with a high end industrial look, to match the vibe of their space in a vintage carriage house. The client also requested that they be able to make their own changes when needed, so I kept a more simple design.

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Evergreen Service Center
Evergreen has so much to offer their cliental and sometimes that can be overwhelming for the viewer. The biggest thing to tackle with this site would be organizing all the information.

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Machine and grit is the branding of PDDI. They wanted a way to provide their customers with a way to see the products that they make and supply. We tried to keep it simple for everyone to find what they need.

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